Cake, Crisps, Donut Pudding, and Pies

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A selection of our cakes, cobblers, crisps, donut pudding, and pies.
Small batch, made from scratch in our farm kitchen.

Cake, Beet w/Frosting $12.99  Qty: Price:
Cake, Carrot w/Frosting $12.99  Qty: Price:
Cake, Chocolate Zucchini $12.99  Qty: Price:
 Coffee Cake, Blueberry$13.99 Sorry, out of stock.
Coffee Cake, Cinnamon $13.99  Qty: Price:
Crisp, Apple $10.99  Qty: Price:
Crisp, Apple Blueberry $11.99  Qty: Price:
Pie, Apple $17.99  Qty: Price:
Pie, Blueberry $19.99  Qty: Price:
Pie, Chocolate Walnut
Chocolate and Walnuts in a pecan pie-like filling.
$21.99  Qty: Price:
Pie, Pecan $21.99  Qty: Price:
 Pie, Strawberry Rhubarb Apple$21.99 Sorry, out of stock.
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